Our metal coating products include Trasco Stoving or Baking Enamel, Enamel (Medium Oil), and 2-Component Coatings.

Trasco Stoving Enamel

Alternatively known as baking enamel, Trasco Stoving Enamel is an alkyd-melamine type of stoving paint. Specially formulated for coating steel drums, gas cylinders and automotive steel surfaces, Trasco Stoving Enamel allows for a shorter coating application cycle, with faster heat fusion curing and high quality performance.


Enamel (Medium Oil)

Drying to a hard and glossy finish makes the Enamel (Medium Oil) suitable for coating surfaces that are outdoors or those that are subject to wear and tear and fluctuations in temperature. Our enamel coatings are available in oil-based, water-based and latex-based options.


2-component Coatings

Epoxy and Polyurethane (PU) coatings are widely used in the manufacturing of heavy machinery in Singapore, and are commonly found in many industrial products such as curing agents, paints, adhesive agents and more. Depending on requirements such as color, chemical resistance, flexibility, and texture, Trasco can provide you with important advice on the most suitable coating for your business.

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Our wood coating products include Nitrocellulose (NC) Coating, Acid Curing (AC) Coating, Polyurethane (PU) Coating and Water-based Varnishes.

Nitrocellulose (NC) Coating

A popular coating due to its fast drying properties, low cost and single component application, NC lacquer is the most widely used wood finish as it also combines well with the natural grain of the wood.


Acid Curing (AC) Coating

This two-component, fast curing, high solids, melamine natural wood finish is specially formulated to protect furniture and other wood surfaces while enhancing its appearance.


Polyurethane (PU) Coating

Available as mono-component and bi-component options, PU coatings are commonly used for indoor equipment as they have good adhesion, gloss retention and light fastness. The 2-Component PU Coatings can be specially formulated to result in specific different properties in the dried varnish.


Waterbased Coating

Trasco provides waterbased coatings, which are being used more and more often in outdoor carpentry and similar industries.


Trasco provides plastic coating products such as 1K, 2K, Soft Feel, UV Hard Coat and Flexi Coat for a range of applications such as automotive interior surfaces and electronic appliances.


Our decorative coatings are used for design purposes, signs, restorative use and alsoprovide a layer of protection.

Aerosol Paint

Otherwise known as spray paint, aerosol paint leaves a smooth, evenly coated surface, unlike rolled or brushed paints. Aerosol paint in standard sized cans is most useful for quick, semi-permanent marking on construction or surveying sites. Inverted cans are also available for street, utility or field markings.


RoadLine Paint

Made of thermoplastic resin for concrete and tar surfaces, Trasco's single component RoadLine Paint has excellent water resistance, fast drying time, resistance to dirt and grime and good adhesive to substrate. Colors available include red, white, yellow and black.



Trasco supplies a range of thinners with different degrees of viscosity for dilution, washing and cleaning purposes.


Used for dilution and washing purposes, thinners can be formulated to adjust for viscosity and other properties. Depending on the environment and substrate in your business, the correct thinner should be used so your coating application can attain the most efficient results.

Paint Remover

Our paint remover is a solvent-based paste designed for removal of high-strength two-part epoxy coatings, urethanes, elastomerics, chlorinated rubber, mastics, non-skid coatings and more. Multiple layers of paint can be removed in 2 to 4 hours.